GAY MARRIAGE UP NORTH….John Derbyshire warns us today against treating gay marriage as a “social science theorem,” while Stanley Kurtz continues his ridiculous efforts to convince us that gay marriage will lead to rampant heterosexual adultery.

Meanwhile, out in the real world, gay marriage will soon be a reality in the socialist hell of Canada:

“We won’t be appealing the recent decision on the definition of marriage. Rather, we’ll be proposing legislation that will protect the right of churches and religious organizations to sanctify marriage as they define it. At the same time, we will ensure that our legislation includes and legally recognize the union of same-sex couples,” [Prime Minister Jean Chr?tien] said.

He said the government plans to move quickly on the bill, and then refer the legislation to the Supreme Court. After that, it will be put to a free vote in the House of Commons, Mr. Chr?tien said.

“We don’t want there to be a long period of uncertainty.”

So I guess we’ll know soon enough, won’t we? If Canada falls apart at the seams, Stanley and John will be vindicated.

Of course, conservatives have long been in the habit of predicting both the breakdown of civilization and the end of the free market as the inevitable result of every piece of social liberalization or government regulation ever proposed, so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them to be right about this one. Their track record of doomsaying isn’t really very good.