THE WORST JOB IN THE WORLD?….The recall campaign against Gray Davis is moving along nicely, but Boomshock asks a question about a possible Davis replacement that I’ve been wondering about too:

Does anybody honestly believe that he or she will be able to turn this state around from a $35 billion deficit? Nearly impossible. Plus, even if a high-profile candidate such as The Terminator were to replace Davis, he’d still have to deal with a Democratic legislature. Practically impossible. Am I concerned about tax and fee hikes? Sure, but I’ve also embraced the inevitable.

I don’t get it either. California is $38 billion in the hole, there’s no way to get out without both tax increases and service cuts, and, yes, any Republican governor would have a dangerously resentful and pissed off Democratic legislature to deal with.

Who in their right mind would want this job?

(Yeah, Boomshock says $35 billion and I say $38 billion. Whatever. What’s a few billion between friends?)

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