SPORTS BREAK….Bizarrely enough, the comments to this post degenerated into a discussion of the merits of the designated hitter rule in baseball. I myself finally lost interest in baseball after the last strike, but before that happened I came around on the DH rule and am now pretty much in favor of it.

Actually, the only thing I’m really against is the idea of having different rules in different leagues. Let’s either have a DH or not. And while we’re at it, umps ought to call the strike zone the same in both leagues too.

In other sports related news, Gregg Easterbrook says:

Hockey and basketball are done; the Triple Crown, Indy 500 and the Open are past. Now comes the deadest, dullest six weeks in the annual sports calendar — nothing but baseball until August, when the NFL resumes.

What the heck is he talking about? Wimbledon is right around the corner!

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