TIMES vs. TIMES….If you want a morsel of evidence showing that despite the incessant whining of the conservative commentariat the New York Times really is the most important newspaper in America, whereas nobody cares a whit about the Los Angeles Times, consider the varying fates of Paul Krugman and Arianna Huffington. Krugman writes columns that are feisty and tough, and, yes, perhaps sometimes shrill, and every time one comes out he is immediately set upon by an entire legion of conservative commentators.

Arianna Huffington, on the other hand, writes columns for the LA Times that are generally much nastier than Krugman’s ? today she interviews some psychiatrists to try and make the point that George Bush is clinically insane ? and is generally greeted by yawns. The last time I read anybody complaining about her was a few months ago when she ran those SUV ads.

Just the perils of living on ? or writing for ? the West Coast, I suppose. But remember: as California goes, so goes the nation (eventually….) Ignore us at your peril.