FRIDAY INDEPENDENCE DAY CAT BLOGGING….Happy 4th of July from the patriotic cats here at Calpundit World Headquarters!

Plenty of bonus cats today, too. First, courtesy of frequent commenter Edub, is this worldwide map of library cats. My nearest cats appear to be Dewey, over in Mission Viejo, and Megan and ALIS, in Silverado Canyon. Click the map to find your nearest literary feline!

Elsewhere, Andrea Harris’ cat likes her new shoes ? although Andrea herself seems somewhat less sure about them. And Lance Arthur at Just Write begins this post with “I have pissed on my cat. There, I said it.” Decide for yourself if you want to read the rest.

And since Independence Day brings out warm feelings in everyone ? probably even in the Brits, who are happy to see the back of us ? we’ll finish up with a picture of Cleo, a beautiful black lab courtesy of Steve over at Begging to Differ. (See, Bill, there’s room for everybody in the revolution!)

Happy 4th, everyone!

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