SILVIO BERLUSCONI UPDATE….Henry Farrell points us to the latest chapter in the Silvio Berlusconi farce today. The Germans say Berlusconi apologized (privately), Berlusconi says he didn’t. In fact, not only didn’t he apologize, he said, but he was the aggrieved party.

Then, in an effort to ensure that he looks as ridiculous as humanly possible in this little spat, he recast his suggestion that MEP Martin Schulz would make a good Nazi with a suggestion that he would make a good sitcom Nazi:

“His way of going on and the tone of his voice reminded me of the television character Sgt Schulz of Hogan’s Heroes, the series in which Sgt Schulz shouted and ranted a lot but in the end turned out to be kind-hearted,” said Mr Berlusconi.

I’m not sure which is worse, the fact that Berlusconi compared the real Schulz to a fictional Schulz or the fact that the prime minister of Italy is familiar with Hogan’s Heroes.

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