BRING ‘EM ON….The silliness over “Bring ’em on” is really getting out of hand. I mean, it was a dumb thing to say, but all Bush meant ? using his usual frat boy phrasing ? was that we’re plenty tough enough to beat Iraqi guerrillas if they decide to take us on. Pretty clearly, the president of the United States wasn’t issuing an invitation to terrorists to attack our troops.

At the same time, neither was his statement part of some clever master plan to redirect terrorists away from the United States and get them to play in Iraq instead, as Glenn Reynolds appears to believe:

You may have noticed that although people are upset about acts of terrorism this weekend in Russia and Iraq and Pakistan, there were no attacks in the United States.

I wonder if he even realizes how silly something like that sounds? Of course there were no terrorist attacks here this weekend. There never are. You can click here to see graphically just how rare terrorist attacks in the United States are, both pre and post 9/11.