AND WE WANT TIME AND A HALF FOR….UM, ER….Need further evidence of the wide cultural and political divide between the United States and Europe? No, I didn’t think so, but here it is anyway: Britain’s GMB trade union is campaigning to decriminalize prostitution and unionize sex workers:

Ana Lopez, of the International Union of Sex Workers, is a GMB branch secretary. She believes that the sex industry should only be viewed as a labour issue, and supports decriminalisation of all prostitution. The IUSW even believes that “pimps may be necessary for protection since most of the police fail to do this for sex workers”.

Lopez acknowledges that most women in prostitution, especially those on the streets, would face difficulties joining a union, mainly because the majority would not wish to give their names and addresses, and do not want to be labelled prostitutes.

Yeah, that could be a problem.

I’m all in favor of decriminalizing prostitution, and hell, I suppose prostitutes would even be good candidates for unionization. But can you imagine a union ? or much of anyone else ? leading a campaign like this in America?

Me neither.

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