YET MORE ON THE NIGER URANIUM….I didn’t really intend to become obsessed with the WMD hunt this evening, but the news just keeps rolling in. The latest comes from David Martin of CBS:

Senior administration officials tell CBS News the President?s mistaken claim that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Africa was included in his State of the Union address — despite objections from the CIA.

….CIA officials warned members of the President?s National Security Council staff the intelligence was not good enough to make the flat statement Iraq tried to buy uranium from Africa.

The White House officials responded that a paper issued by the British government contained the unequivocal assertion: “Iraq has … sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” As long as the statement was attributed to British Intelligence, the White House officials argued, it would be factually accurate.

Once again, we have the White House acting like a five-year-old. No, scratch that. More like a too-clever-for-his-own-good 15-year-old. “All we did is say that the British said it, and they did, so technically it’s completely true.”

What’s the definition of “is”?

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