URANIUM-GATE LIVES!….Ouch. This is the cover of Time magazine this week. And here’s the text:

The controversy over those 16 words would not have erupted with such force were they not emblematic of larger concerns about Bush’s reasoning for going to war in the first place. Making the case against Saddam last year, Bush claimed that Iraq’s links to al-Qaeda and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) made the country an imminent threat to the region and, eventually, the U.S. He wrapped the evidence in the even more controversial doctrine of pre-emption, saying America could no longer wait for proof of its enemies’ intentions before defending itself overseas?it must sometimes strike first, even without all the evidence in hand.

Much of the world was appalled by this logic, but Congress and the American public went along. Four months after the war started, at least one piece of key evidence has turned out to be false, the U.S. has yet to find weapons of mass destruction, and American soldiers keep dying in a country that has not greeted its liberators the way the Administration predicted it would. Now the false assertion and the rising casualties are combining to take a toll on Bush’s standing with the public.

The cover of Time ought to shove this whole sordid mess right into the faces of Mr. and Mrs. America, shouldn’t it?

Please forget everything I said about this controversy lasting only a few more news cycles ? it’s got legs aplenty now. Thanks, Time.

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