WORLD OPINION….Last week the Pentagon was moving forward with plans to finally bring the 3rd Infantry Division home from Iraq. Not anymore:

In a major reversal forced by the growing insurgency against U.S. forces in Iraq, the Pentagon announced today that more than 10,000 soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division will not be coming home by the end of September.

….The announcement dashes the hopes of thousands of Army families who had begun to rejoice that after long separations ? in some cases 10 months ? they would be reunited. The division has suffered 36 deaths ? more than any other unit in the war ? and some of its troops have been in the region since September.

I’m not sure what happened between last Thursday and today, but maybe this had something to do with it?

After weeks of high-level discussions with the United States, India today rejected an American request to send peacekeeping troops to Iraq, saying it would only consider doing so under an “explicit” U.N. mandate.

The announcement following a cabinet-level security meeting this afternoon was a setback to the Pentagon’s efforts to bolster its forces in Iraq with contributions from allies. For the past several weeks, India has been seriously considering the deployment to Iraq of a full army division — about 17,000 men — which would have been the second-largest foreign contingent in the country after that of the United States.

I know the warhawks delight in mocking the rest of the world and insisting that we don’t need their permission to invade other countries, but there’s a price to be paid for this attitude. This is it.