LEFT HAND, MEET RIGHT HAND….What the hell? Apparently part of the campaign to discredit Joseph Wilson’s Niger report is to point out that he never even mentioned the notorious forged documents in his report. What a boob! Time magazine puts it this way:

Government officials also chide Wilson for not delving into the details of the now infamous forged papers that pointed to a sale of uranium to Iraq. When Tenet issued his I-take-the-blame statement on the alleged Iraq-Niger uranium connection last week, he took a none-too-subtle jab at Wilson’s report. “There was no mention in the report of forged documents ? or any suggestion of the existence of documents at all,” Tenet wrote.

But today we get this:

The CIA did not receive the now-discredited documents that were a key source of the Bush administration’s claim that Iraq sought uranium in Africa until after President Bush’s State of the Union address, U.S. officials say.

So which is it? Is Wilson a boob for not checking out the documents, or did we not even get our hands on the documents until February 2003?

If the order of the day is to discredit Wilson, shouldn’t these guys at least be checking with each other first to make sure they keep their stories straight?