WMD GOSSIP….Nothing really new this morning on the WMD front, but we do have some gossip:

  • David Kelly, who the British government has fingered as the person who told the BBC that Tony Blair “sexed up” an Iraq dossier, went missing a couple of days ago. Today police found a body that matches Kelly’s description a few miles from his home.

  • The White House was so angry over Jeffrey Kofman’s story on ABC News about poor morale among U.S. troops in Iraq that it alerted Matt Drudge to the fact that Kofman is both gay and Canadian. A twofer!

    Coming on the heels of the smear campaign against Joseph Wilson, this is all starting to sound rather Nixonian, isn’t it? These guys are getting desperate.

However, if you’re in the mood to send an email to the White House to complain about this, you might want to think twice.