SADDAM’S NUKES….Via the MinuteMan, here is George Bush on December 31, 2002 talking about Saddam Hussein and his nuclear weapons:

QUESTION: Sir, why should we be more worried about Saddam Hussein, who has no nuclear weapons, than Kim Chong-il, who is unstable and does have nuclear weapons?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, first of all, I think it’s important to remember that Saddam Hussein was close to having a nuclear weapon. We don’t know whether or not he has a nuclear weapon. We do expect him to disarm his weapons of mass destruction, that’s what we expect.

Nobody ? and I mean nobody ? thought that Saddam Hussein had a nuclear weapon at that time. The most hawkish possible analysis from anybody at that time suggested that maybe Saddam could have a nuke by the middle of this decade ? if he got his hands on fissile material. And President Bush knew it.

So why was he pretending otherwise?