VALERIE PLAME UPDATE….A few days ago I blogged about a David Corn column in The Nation in which he suggested that the White House had exposed Joseph Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, as a CIA operative in order to discredit Wilson himself. But Corn’s column was hedged and it was unclear exactly who exposed Plame and exactly what Plame’s role at the CIA was. Today, Wilson provides some additional information:

In an NBC News exclusive, Wilson says his family is the subject of a smear campaign. Wilson tells NBC News the White House deliberately leaked his wife?s identity as a covert CIA operative, damaging her future career and compromising past missions after he criticized the administration on ?Meet the Press? and in the New York Times.

So according to Wilson, his wife was a covert operative, and it was White House officials who outed her.

If Wilson’s charges are accurate, this is ugly, very ugly….

UPDATE: Paul Krugman picks up on the Valerie Plame story in his Tuesday column.