MORE URANIUM FALLOUT….Another warm body walks the plank. Condoleezza Rice’s deputy is taking the blame for the State of the Union fiasco:

Stephen Hadley, deputy national security adviser, said he should have deleted a reference to Iraqi attempts to buy African uranium from Bush’s State of the Union speech in January, because the CIA had asked him to remove similar language from an October speech by the president.

….He said he had failed to recall the CIA objections, which were included in two memos and a telephone conversation with Tenet in the days before Bush outlined his case against Iraq in an Oct. 7, 2002 speech in Cincinnati.

Hadley said the CIA memos which had been sent to him were found over the weekend. White House officials had previously said they had not been informed of CIA doubts over the claim. Tenet last week acknowledged that his agency had cleared the State of the Union speech and should have removed the claim.

Gee, I wonder if they searched Condi’s office to find out if she got those memos?