IRAQ AND AL-QAEDA….A few days ago I referred to a UPI story claiming that the congressional 9/11 report had concluded there was no connection between Iraq and al-Qaeda. Today, UPI published a retraction:

Prior to the report’s publication, a person who had read it told UPI that it showed U.S. intelligence agencies had no evidence linking Iraq to the 9-11 attacks or to al-Qaida. In fact, the issue is not addressed in the declassified sections of the report.

One other person who has seen the classified version of the document told UPI subsequently that the Iraq issue is not addressed in the still-classified section, either. “They didn’t ask that question,” the person said.

Huh? They didn’t ask that question? Doesn’t that seem like something they should have expressed an interest in?

And who the heck was UPI’s source? What kind of source makes an error like that about a document that’s going to become public the next day?

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