NATIONAL SECURITY?….OR WHITE HOUSE CONVENIENCE?….Gee, it looks like everyone wants the classified portion of the 9/11 report to be declassified:

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister will meet today with President Bush to mend relations strained over the war on terrorism and to ask Bush to declassify portions of a congressional report that many believe implicate Saudi officials in the Sept. 11 attacks, diplomatic sources said Monday.

Prince Saud al Faisal traveled from Riyadh specifically to hand-deliver a written request that Bush declassify portions of the report pertaining to Saudi Arabia so Saudi officials can respond to them, according to sources familiar with the visit.

The Saudis want it declassified, Congress wants it declassified, and congressmen who have seen the classified section don’t seem to think there are any legitimate national security reasons not to release it.

That leaves the White House all alone. What are they afraid of?

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