VALERIE PLAME UPDATE….We all remember Valerie Plame, the CIA operative whose cover was blown by two “senior administration officials,” right? Well, what exactly was her job, anyway? Josh Marshall adds a few details today in his column in The Hill:

My sources tell me that Plame formerly worked abroad under nonofficial cover and has more recently worked stateside. Her position today may be less sensitive than it was when she worked abroad. But she still works on WMD proliferation issues. And, at a minimum, any operation that she may once have been involved in is probably now fatally compromised, any company which provided her cover is now exposed.

Josh mentions that a couple of senators have asked for an investigation, but wonders if that’s really necessary:

Let?s be honest. We don?t really need any investigations, with all their depositions and fancy lawyers and public grandstanding. If the president wanted to, he could wrap this up with a few quick phone calls. So why doesn?t he?

Good question.