IS TONY BLAIR A WAR CRIMINAL?….Via Michael Totten, the Telegraph reports that the Athens Bar Association has filed a lawsuit in the new International Criminal Court against Tony Blair accusing him of “crimes against humanity” in connection with the Iraq war. (George Bush was not named because the United States is not a signatory to the ICC treaty.)

This is little more than idiotic grandstanding, and the Telegraph warns us not to take it too seriously:

The case is highly unlikely to reach court since it can act only in cases where national courts are unable or unwilling to pursue abuses. The ICC already has more than 500 complaints to review, at least 100 involving the war in Iraq.

As we know all too well here in America, pretty much anyone can file a lawsuit, and courts have to review them all regardless of how frivolous they are. My money says this suit and others like it get dismissed pretty quickly.

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