DISGUSTING….Commenting on a news report that several black employees have filed an EEOC complaint against Radianz, an internet company co-owned by Reuters, charging that it “tolerated and encouraged a racist environment,” Glenn Reynolds has this to say:

Just remember: one man’s racist is another man’s exponent of Aryan purity!

I think my many commenters who question why I still read Instapundit may be right. Is there nothing left that’s too gratuitously offensive to be used as fodder for cheap shots against Reuters or the BBC?

UPDATE: Glenn says his remark is OK because of Reuters’ official policy that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” No it’s not. It’s fine to give Reuters hell over their policy if you disagree with them, but it’s not OK to make needlessly repulsive Nazi comparisons. He should leave that level of childishness to the LGF gang.

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