LET LIEBERMAN BE LIEBERMAN….I agree with Matt Singer, Matt Yglesias and dKos: despite the rhetoric you sometimes hear from the activist lefty blogosphere, Joe Lieberman is not some fascist Republican sellout. He’s more conservative than I’d like, and his preachiness can get grating at times, but when I’ve looked at both his voting record and his rating by various issues groups, he’s clearly a moderate liberal. He’s no Howard Dean, but he is a perfectly respectable Democrat, and ? since this is easy to forget if you spend a lot of time in the blogosphere ? he’s also the Democrat with by far the best name recognition of all the candidates.

As Kos says, “Do you really want to turn Lieberman into a Jeffords? Stop with that shit, please. I don’t particularly like the guy, but he’s not a Republican. He’s a solid Democrat.” Good advice.

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