A DEAN TIDAL WAVE?….OR THE PEAK OF A BUBBLE?….That firebrand Howard Dean is on the covers of both Time and Newsweek this week. Good news, right?

Probably. After all, publicity and name recognition are the name of the game this early in the primary season. And yet….I wonder. It also has the feeling of a bubble peaking, and peaking several months too early. I wonder if Dean will meet the same fate as John Anderson, Gary Hart, Paul Tsongas, John McCain, and all the other straight talking insurgents over the years who have dazzled the press but then faded later?

Beats me. But August seems awfully early for this kind of thing. The Dean forces better be careful.

POSTSCRIPT: I suppose I’m going to get the usual raft of comments claiming that the only reason I’m saying this is because I detest Howard Dean. Go ahead if you must, but at least keep ’em short, OK?

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