WHAT DO SOLDIERS WANT?….Marian’s company is part of the “Support-A-Soldier” program and we’ve signed up to be part of it. Our soldier, we’re told, is Michael Singer, part of C Company, 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry from Fort Drum. (That’s pretty appropriate, isn’t it?) Michael is currently serving in a “remote, dangerous part of Afghanistan.”

So here’s my question, mainly aimed at any of my readers who have actually served in the military. There’s apparently no way to contact Michael Singer, so that means we have to guess at what kinds of things to send. The army has provided a lengthy list of suggestions, some of which seem a bit odd, but who knows? Not me, since I’ve never served and never been to Afghanistan.

So if you have any ideas about what kind of stuff soldiers really appreciate, leave a note in comments. Thanks!

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