CALIFORNIA: STILL BETTER THAN TEXAS….Comrade Max says the California economy is doing just fine. Our growth rate is higher than average, personal income is OK, and jobs aren’t leaving the state.

This is all basically correct. We do have plenty of problems in California ? workers comp is broken, the tax system is a mess, and our legislature is so polarized that we literally can’t pass a budget, let alone a good one ? but at the same time the economy is still fundamentally sound. When the tech sector picks up, California will be hopping again.

In the meantime, enjoy the show and hope ? really hope ? that when it comes to politics California is not leading the nation, as it so often does. You may think that national politics is awfully partisan and dirty these days, but it’s nothing compared to California. If California partisanship spreads to Washington, you’re all going to find yourselves pining away for the relative civility of the Clinton impeachment years.

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