CAMPAIGN DIRT….I imagine that digging up dirt is going to be Job 1 for a while here in California. The LA Times does its part today with stories on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Nazi dad and Arianna Huffington’s failure to pay state income tax for the past two years.

There’s nothing very remarkable about the Nazi story except that (a) Gustav Schwarzenegger was a Nazi, and (b) the Times actually sent a couple of reporters to Vienna to check out the Austrian archives for this story.

The Arianna story is slightly more interesting: she claims that expenses have offset income for the past two years, and thus she’s paid very little in the way of taxes. “I’m a working woman and my income fluctuates,” she explained.

Uh huh. But it does show a considerable contrast with Arnold’s business acumen, since she reported income of negative $2.67 million last year. The story also allows the reporters to keep the Arianna and Michael show alive, with Michael taking some swipes at Arianna for the large (and tax free) child support payments that he makes to her.

And that’s your dirt for the day.

POSTSCRIPT: Has anyone noticed that all the titillating stories are from California right now? The recall, Kobe, Laci Peterson ? it’s all California all the time. I hope the rest of you guys are grateful to us for providing you with so much entertainment.

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