COAL MINERS FOR BUSH….I went over to the new Bush/Cheney campaign website today and clicked on the button to become a Bush Team Leader?. Don’t worry, I resisted the temptation to sign up, but I was fascinated by the different “Coalition Groups” that I could select.

Hispanic, Catholic, Veterans, Youth? No problem. Home Schoolers and Pro-Life? Hey this is America and these are Republicans.

But Coal-and-Steel? Farmers and Ranchers? These stick out like a sore thumb as the only industry groups on the list, and I have to wonder if Bush really intended to make it that obvious that the farm and steel tariffs he put in place last year were just craven attempts to win a few extra votes in 2004. Wouldn’t discretion be the better part of valor here? Or at a minimum, shouldn’t they at least throw in a couple of other industries just to confuse people?