JUDGE TO FOX: DROP DEAD….A federal judge told Fox News today not to let the courthouse door hit them on their corporate ass when they slink out of the building. Their suit against Al Franken’s use of “fair and balanced” in the title of his new book is “without merit, both factually and legally.”

Actually, that sort of describes the whole network, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, thanks to Fox’s almost Biblical display of inanity, Franken’s book is now ranked #2 at Amazon. Buy it by itself, or bundle it with Big Lies for only $34.94!

Oh, and just one more thing. This whole escapade was apparently the brainchild ? and I use both the word “brain” and the word “child” advisedly ? of Fox whiner-in-chief Bill O’Reilly, who was unhappy at Franken’s verbal assault on him at the Los Angeles BookExpo, televised on C-SPAN last May. Result: O’Reilly looks like a petulant adolescent and Franken probably earns an extra million bucks or so in book sales. Who knew C-SPAN had such power?

UPDATE: Here’s the full version of the AP report linked above. It turns out that Fox did some rather heavy snipping of AP’s prose.

UPDATE 2: Fox has now reposted the AP article. It still isn’t complete, but it’s more complete than it was before.