HEADLINE OF THE YEAR….I know it’s only August, but surely this candidate is going to be hard to beat in the Headline of the Year competition:

‘Spare us from butt-numbing Hoon’

(Geoffrey Hoon is Britain’s Minister of Defense.)

Sadly, the story itself doesn’t entirely fulfill the promise of the headline, since it turns out the actual quote isn’t quite what the headline writer said it was:

After Geoff Hoon said he would only appear on the Today programme if he could attack the BBC’s claims about the September dossier, Kevin Marsh, the programme’s editor wrote in an email: “There is nothing to be gained from subjecting the long-suffering British public to yet another… butt-numbing smokescreen…”

Still, it’s a pretty good headline, isn’t it? And it just goes to show the wonderful stuff you get when you have a judicial inquiry that’s allowed to subpoena personal emails.