WAR! WAR! WAR!….Noted gay marriage expert Stanley Kurtz turns his eyes away from the bedroom and opines today on what we can expect from this week’s negotiations with North Korea. He says there are only three options:

We can try to pressure the Chinese to force regime change, but the Chinese will not act unless they are convinced that America will otherwise go to war with North Korea. We can interdict North Korean shipping and trade in hopes of reducing their exports of nuclear materials. But…the interdiction itself, if it is reasonably effective, may lead to war. Finally, we can go to war with North Korea.

Translation: We can threaten to go to war, we can goad the other guys into war, or we can simply go to war.

Well, hell, if those are the only options, why screw around? Let’s just go to war, and the sooner the better.

Of course, if building nuclear bombs is sufficient reason for the United States to go to war, then we’d better invade Iran while we’re at it. And since Pakistan’s government isn’t likely to be friendly toward us forever we might as well clobber them too. No point in leaving this mess for our grandchildren to clean up.

Question for Stanley: should these three invasions be done conventionally? With what troops? Or should we minimize American casualties by first softening up Pyongyang, Tehran, and Islamabad with nuclear strikes?

Just curious.