PAKISTAN: NUKE SUPPLIER TO THE WORLD….This is comforting news:

Iran has admitted for the first time that it received substantial foreign help in building a secret nuclear facility south of Tehran that is now beginning to enrich uranium….

While Iran has not yet identified the source of the foreign help, evidence collected in Iran by the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency implicates Pakistani companies as suppliers of critical technology and parts, officials familiar with a U.N. investigation of Iran’s program said yesterday. Pakistan is believed by many proliferation experts to have passed important nuclear secrets to both Iran and North Korea. Pakistan has denied providing such assistance.

….”The notion that Pakistan wasn’t involved is getting less and less tenable,” said Henry D. Sokolski, a top nonproliferation official in the Pentagon during the George H.W. Bush administration. “Some might make the claim that this was something that happened in the past. But it wasn’t all that long ago.”

So, um, what exactly does “not all that long ago mean”? September 10, 2001?