TIME TRAVEL….Over at Crooked Timber, Brian Weatherson starts his most recent post this way:

I?m teaching a freshman seminar on time travel at Brown this year….

Hot damn! When I was in school they taught Newtonian mechanics to us freshmen, and even at that we struggled with it. But today they teach the frosh time travel? I mean, you’d think it would at least be a graduate seminar, wouldn’t you?

Then he continues:

….so I?ve been watching a lot of time travel movies as ?preparation?.

Um, time travel movies? Is that why today’s kids are so much more advanced than my generation? Because they watch movies instead of reading textbooks with all those hard to understand equations and things?

What’s that? It’s a philosophy class? Oh.

But let’s help Brian out anyway. What’s your favorite time travel book/story/movie etc? I’m very fond of Robert Heinlein’s “By His Bootstraps,” a perfect little gem of time travel paradoxes. And of course, RAH also wrote The Door Into Summer, notable because the hero is so dedicated to his cat that he makes sure to take him along into the future. How can you lose with a combination of time travel and feline adoration?

Other recommendations?

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