BLOG CIVILITY….I’ve been meaning to say something about my comments section for a while, and a couple of the threads today have convinced me that today is the day.

I don’t patrol the comments much, and I don’t delete posts. I try to respond now and again, but I don’t do it regularly because so many of the threads just get too long too fast. But one thing I’d like, being the idealistic liberal fellow that I am, is a civil discussion that doesn’t involve kindergarten levels of invective and personal attacks. More and more, though, that’s what the threads are becoming.

There’s not really much I can do to force people to be polite other than to ask. So I’m asking. Please try to keep the rants to a minimum, be reasonably civil to conservatives who come here (and vice versa for the conservatives who visit), and avoid all personal attacks. If the trolls piss you off beyond endurance, just ignore them and move on to another post. (Or else head off to one of the many blogs that welcome invective and ad hominem attacks. You know where to find them.)

There are conservative sites where I’m reluctant to bother commenting because there’s so little point. No matter what I say, I know I’m just going to get trashed by 30 consecutive commenters, all congratulating themselves on demonstrating what an idiot I am. Unfortunately, the same thing is increasingly happening to conservatives on my blog, and it’s hard to see how that adds anything to the general welfare.

So keep it civil, OK?

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