Final Grand Slam Final of the Year

FINAL GRAND SLAM FINAL OF THE YEAR….It’s time for tennis, now that the stupid football game is finally over. Both Roddick and Ferrero looked really good in their semifinal matches ? Ferrero was hitting awesome shot after awesome shot, while Roddick showed really impressive mental strength ? and it ought to be a great match. I’m going to predict a five-setter, and the patriot in me is picking Roddick to win.

Unfortunately, the realist in me is whispering that Ferrero’s game has looked really good for the entire tournament….

UPDATE: Oops. What I meant to say is that Roddick is an overpowering player who has finally found his form and will blow Ferrero off the court in straight sets.

Jeez, what a blowout. That was just plain scary.