FOX VS. CNN….Dan Drezner compares Fox News with CNN and thinks Fox comes out on top for esthetic, not ideological, reasons.

He’s got a point. His specific comparison doesn’t really hold water ? Virginia Postrel live with a major anchor vs. Virginia Postrel remote on a morning show ? but it so happens that I’ve had a chance to compare the two networks lately and I’ve come to the same conclusion.

See, I’ve got about 20 minutes of physical therapy exercises I’m supposed to do twice a day to try and get my back healthy again, and I’ve gotten in the habit of doing them on the living room floor with the news turned on. What I do is turn the TV onto either CNN or Fox, and then flip back and forth whenever a commercial comes on.

And while it’s true that Fox is more overtly ideological than CNN, they are also jazzier and louder. Whether that means Fox is “livelier” or whether it means they are “lowering the bar” I won’t venture to guess, but the fact remains that Fox is obviously designed to appeal to the video game generation and CNN is designed to appeal to folks who used to watch Walter Cronkite.

Considering my warnings about trying to appeal to multiple audiences in the post below, I’ll refrain from giving CNN any advice about this. But it’s something worth remembering when you hear comparisons of the two that concentrate solely on their ideological differences.