DEAN/CLARK IN 2004?….Will Wesley Clark run for president? How about vice president?

Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean has asked retired Army general Wesley Clark to join his campaign, if the former NATO commander does not jump into the race himself next week, and the two men discussed the vice presidency at a weekend meeting in California, sources familiar with the discussions said.

Clark, in a telephone interview yesterday, said he did not want to comment about the private meeting. Asked about reports that the two men had discussed a wide range of issues, including his endorsing Dean, joining the campaign, possible roles in a Dean administration and the vice presidency, he said only, “It was a complete tour of the horizon.”

It turns out there’s probably less here than meets the eye, but it’s still an intriguing possibility. Just for the sheer drama potential, I’d like to see it happen.

Plus they might actually make a good team and govern the country well. I guess that’s important too.

POSTSCRIPT: By the way, I’m still trudging my way through Clark’s Waging Modern War, but I’ve gotten distracted by other things. This obviously doesn’t reflect one way or the other on his fitness for office, but one thing I can tell you is that he sure isn’t a very exciting writer. On the other hand, at least he wrote the book himself.