OFFENDED….Jonah Goldberg today:

Look: I’m willing to defend income inequality, sweat shops, child labor, tax cuts and the like, if the merits are there….

Sweat shops? Child labor? Is there anything he won’t defend? Yes:

….I’d privatize everything but the army and maybe four other things if I had my way. In other words, I’m no softy on these issues. But am I the only one in the corner offended by Dick Grasso’s 9/11 bonus? I mean at a time when everyone was talking about sacrifice and loss, when we were touting the resumption of our normal lives as a patriotic counter-strike to the terrorist menace, Dick Grasso get’s a five million dollar bonus on top of his enormous salary because the stock market re-opened? I despise financial populism of any kind, but this just strikes me as galling.

I’m glad we’ve finally found Jonah’s limit: using 9/11 as an excuse for a $5 million bonus is a bridge too far. We’ve finally found something left and right can agree on.

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