RESTAURANT REVIEW….If you are planning to commemorate 9/11 by eating lunch overlooking Ground Zero, don’t.

At least, don’t eat at Church & Dey, which yesterday received what is surely one of the worst reviews in the history of restaurant reviews:

….simply unacceptable….a disgrace anywhere….borders on scandal….harrowing hotel fare….disregard for even minimal standards….a blemish on the Millenium Hilton….no possible appeal except to clueless hotel guests….insults the national bounty….Entrees are hideous around the clock….a dark and stormy goo….gluey rice that should be served out of a trough….

Thanks to Alicublog for pointing out this worthy addition to the reviewer’s art. I don’t link to Roy much, but for people of a certain, um, temperament, he provides a daily dose of reliably cranky and fatalistic prose guaranteed to get your morning off to a chipper start. In a world that has beaten most of us into an insensate acceptance of a bland and mediocre strain of invective, Roy maintains a lonely internet outpost dedicated to the idea that invective as high art is a cause worth preserving.

Well, I like him, anyway.