DAMN SHAME….Andrew Sullivan is a peculiar person, isn’t he? Or is it that he just assumes his readers don’t know how to click a hyperlink? Here he is today on the BBC/Kelly/Gilligan/Hutton inquiry affair:

Check out this devastating analysis of the BBC’s fabrications about the Blair government. It’s all the more damning for appearing in the ultra-left newspaper, the Independent. Blair won’t be undamaged by this whole affair. But the credibility of the BBC is in tatters.

Now, it’s true that Andrew Gilligan isn’t looking too good these days, although, as Sullivan notes, neither are Blair and his advisors. But is the Independent’s analysis “damning”?

In a word, no. They rightly take Gilligan to task for some specific exaggerations and errors, but then say this:

The 45-minute claim “was included in the dossier against our wishes, because it wasn’t reliable. Most things in the dossier were double source, but that was single source, and we believed that the source was wrong”

This, the guts of the Gilligan claim, has been vindicated by the inquiry evidence. The inquiry heard this week that a memo was written on behalf of the DIS by Dr Brian Jones, head of its WMD section, objecting to the claim as it appeared in the dossier. Dr Jones and his chemical expert wrote further formal complaints.

“The guts of the Gilligan claim has been vindicated by the inquiry evidence.”

This is damning?