QUID PRO QUO….Here’s a peculiar report from Reuters. First there’s this:

Britain, Germany and France defied the United States last month by offering Iran the prospect of sharing technology if it stops its disputed nuclear fuel enrichment program and accepts tougher U.N. inspections.

Interesting. So what was the offer?

A French Foreign Ministry spokesman said he could confirm a letter had been sent to Iran, calling on it to sign the Additional Protocol. But he said it did not include any offer to cooperate on other issues. “There was no offer in return,” he said. “There has been no quid pro quo.”

Ah, so there was no offer after all?

But a diplomat from one of the European states stressed that the joint British, French and German initiative remained valid. “The offer still stands,” he said.

What offer still stands? I thought the French guy said there wasn’t any offer?

Sheesh. These guys are as screwed up as the Bush administration, although I suppose they have a better excuse, what with actually representing different countries and all.

Anyway, I imagine that the United States wouldn’t have objected to the letter if it was nothing more than a demand to shape up, so you have to figure there really was an offer there and the French just need to take some lessons in how to lie more effectively. Perhaps we could offer them some advice?