A MODEST REQUEST….According to Newsweek, a few months ago Wesley Clark told two Colorado Republicans that, following 9/11, “I would have been a Republican if Karl Rove had returned my phone calls.” Clark says he was just kidding, but Newsweek reported it seriously.

However, even if Clark was serious, he was obviously speaking metaphorically here, since the very first paragraph of Newsweek’s story had already told us that “when GOP friends inquired [about Clark joining the Bush team], they were told: forget it.” So Clark himself didn’t call Karl Rove, his friends did.

Matthew Continetti, writing in the Weekly Standard, doesn’t much care about this. He just wants to prove that Clark is a lying, lying, liar:

Unfortunately for Clark, the White House has logged every incoming phone call since the beginning of the Bush administration in January 2001. At the request of THE DAILY STANDARD, White House staffers went through the logs to check whether Clark had ever called White House political adviser Karl Rove. The general hadn’t. What’s more, Rove says he doesn’t remember ever talking to Clark, either.

Obviously this doesn’t prove anything one way or the other, but what caught my eye is that the White House is apparently willing to search Karl Rove’s phone logs upon request by reporters. So I’ve got a request of my own: will you please search Rove’s phone logs to find out if Robert Novak called him on or about July 14? Thanks!