HYDROGEN POWERED ARNOLD….This week’s award for the most spineless and craven display of special interest pandering goes to….Arnold Schwarzenegger!

As an actor, Schwarzenegger publicly embraced the Hummer, a gas-guzzling military vehicle, as part of his larger-than-life image, and helped transform it into a popular civilian vehicle. But as a candidate, he argued Sunday, he would be an environmentally friendly governor, opposing off-shore oil drilling, calling for more aggressive enforcement of environmental laws ? and even retrofitting his Hummer to run on hydrogen instead of gasoline.

As he pledged to sign an executive order to build a network of hydrogen fueling stations along the state’s highways by 2010, about two dozen protesters chanted, “A Hummer Isn’t Green,” so loud that it was difficult to hear Schwarzenegger’s speech.

….Pressed by reporters about why he had not converted his Hummer to cleaner fuel before he became a candidate, Schwarzenegger said: “Because I’m not perfect.”

A hydrogen powered Hummer! That’ll show ’em your green credentials!

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