RECALL UPDATE….Well, the recall election is back on. Huzzah!

The en banc ruling was unanimous, which is a real kick in the teeth to the three judges who postponed it. I doubt very much that the Supreme Court will choose to review a unanimous decision like this, so we’re off to the races.

In other recall news, Darrell Issa, the car alarm mogul who bankrolled the recall in the first place, is now having second thoughts:

“As someone who some people call the godfather of the recall, nobody should be more determined to remove Gray Davis from office,” Issa said.

But, he said, “When you vote, if there are still two major Republicans on the ballot, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom McClintock, then I advise you to vote no on the recall.”

Kinda brings tears to your eyes, doesn’t it? Why, who could ever have guessed that more than one Republican might decide to run in the election?

But here’s a cheery thought: regardless of how the recall turns out, at least Darrell Issa will be $1.7 million poorer when it’s over. There is some justice in the world after all.