BUSH AT THE UN….Clifford May argues in NRO that Bush’s speech to the UN was just fine. He “stuck to his guns,” you see. Jonathan Gradowski isn’t impressed:

To fully grasp just how stupid May’s advice is, try to imagine what would happen if you applied May’s dictum — “stick to your guns” and speak with unchecked candor — on your next job interview. It might serve you well to point out the simple truth (don’t be afraid, stick to your guns): Mr. CEO, your company faces irrelevance if it fails to hire me.

And throw in a firm Harrumph for good measure. That’ll show him who’s boss.

But of course, you’ll still be unemployed….

Indeed, there’s the rub. But then, I don’t think George Bush has ever really had to interview for a job in quite the same way as the rest of us. Maybe that’s the difference.