MISSION NOT ACCOMPLISHED….Time magazine is ripping into the postwar planning with both barrels too. Plus they have a pretty unfriendly cover:

The Administration’s leading members, said Democratic Senator Joseph Biden last week, “believed we would find an oil-rich, functioning country, that we’d be met by cheering crowds, that all we had to do was sweep out the top Baathist layers, implant our favorite exiles and watch democracy take root as the bulk of the troops returned home by Christmas.” Allowing for Bidenesque hyperbole, that is not far off the mark. Bureaucratic infighting, wishful thinking and?at least according to his many rivals?an undue influence in Washington exerted by Ahmed Chalabi, the exile leader who is the darling of the neoconservative faction in Washington, contributed to a process by which the Bush Administration got Iraq wrong.

Something tells me the next few weeks are going to be pretty rough for the Bushies.

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