WHO DID IT?….Based on emails and some surfing around the blogosphere, here are some guesses about who’s involved in the Plame scandal. The whistleblower in the Post story seems likely to be CIA Director George Tenet. The two White House leakers probably come from this list:

  1. Dick Cheney ? Vice President

  2. Karl Rove ? Senior Advisor to the President

  3. Condi Rice ? National Security Advisor

  4. Steve Hadley ? Deputy National Security Advisor

  5. Andy Card ? White House Chief of Staff

  6. Dan Bartlett ? Assistant to the President for Communications

  7. John Gordon ? Homeland Security Advisor

  8. Scooter Libby ? Vice President?s Chief of Staff

Maybe Rove and Libby? Your guess is as good as mine.

And for anyone inclined to defend the president in this affair, here are a few points not to lose sight of:

  • This is not just some rogue official somewhere in the bowels of the White House bureacracy. This is someone at the very top, and there are two of them.

  • There are people in the administration who know who the culprits are, and who have probably known for months. Why haven’t they done anything? Bush could find out who the leakers are in five minutes and have their resignations on his desk in another five. Why hasn’t he made the phone call? Why does he tolerate having people like this on his staff ? and perhaps even as his friends?

  • This is not trivial stuff, and it wasn’t an innocent mistake. Someone who is very senior, very experienced, and who is trusted with the highest levels of national security information, exposed a CIA agent. They knew what they were doing, and they shopped it around systematically to make sure someone took the bait.

This should not be a partisan affair. This kind of stuff is wrong, full stop, and both Democrats and Republicans should be demanding that Bush address it immediately. These are not the kind of people we want occupying offices in the West Wing.