A CHRISTIAN NATION?….John Stoos is Tom McClintock’s deputy campaign manager and, until recently, his top legislative analyst. But in his off hours he writes for the Chalcedon Report, which promotes the view that the Word of God should be applied to “the state, the school, the arts and sciences, law, economics, and every other sphere,” and not just metaphorically either. When he’s writing for Chalcedon, Stoos lets his hair down and tells us what he really thinks:

I dream of the day when a strong Christian majority is elected to a city council somewhere in America. This council could then pass a resolution declaring that abortion is now illegal in their city.

Of course, the city attorney would quickly tell them that they cannot do this, at which point he should be fired and a good pro-life attorney should be hired to replace him. Next up would be the police chief, who would likely say he could not enforce such a law. Again, the council should accept his letter of resignation and hire someone who would.

McClintock, to his credit, says he didn’t know Stoos held these beliefs and told the LA Times that “I completely disagree….That disturbs me greatly.”

Unfortunately, the fact that McClintock is probably telling the truth is more disturbing than if he weren’t. After all, he’s allowed this guy to be his top legislative advisor for years without any idea that he thinks it would be great if people didn’t actually obey the legislation he’s writing. Do you think maybe this influenced his advice?

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