GOVERNOR ARNOLD….The CNN/Gallup poll from a couple of days ago showing Schwarzenegger with a big lead over Bustamante was widely ridiculed, but today the LA Times has a new poll showing pretty similar numbers:

  • Recall: 56% yes, 42% no, 2% undecided

  • Schwarzenegger: 40%

  • Bustamante: 32%

  • McClintock: 15%

Compared to previous LA Times polls, support for recall has gone up and support for Schwarzenegger has gone way up. He seems to have picked up virtually all of the undecided vote.

And the fact that only 2% are undecided on the recall makes me think that this is now locked in stone unless an awful lot of people suddenly get the last minute shakes. It may not be the 63% that CNN/Gallup reported, but it’s plenty high enough. It looks like next week it’ll be Governor Arnold in Sacramento.