Larry Johnson told Buchanan and Press that the person who leaked to Novak has an office in the EOB and that he is associated with the Vice President?s office. He also said that when the name is released, people will recognize the name and that the individual is linked with past scandals.

Did anyone see this? Did it sound credible?

UPDATE: Hmmm, maybe the Marc Rich pardon is the scandal Johnson was talking about? From Newsweek in early 2001:

In private, Bush White House officials worry about a political backlash from Democrats if the pardon investigation drags on much longer. For more than 10 years, Rich?s chief American lawyer and advocate was Lewis (Scooter) Libby, now Vice President Cheney?s chief of staff. Last week Democrats on the Burton committee fired a political warning shot, insisting that Libby, who worked for Rich until last year, be called as a witness.


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