Charter “conservative blabocracy” member Rush Limbaugh speaks in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Palm Beach sheriffs work out an intervention strategy.

GOSSIP UPDATE….Well, first Arnold denied the LA Times story about groping women, then he said it was just a Democratic smear, but now he’s (sort of) fessing up and saying that he did behave badly toward women in the past “on rowdy movie sets,” but now recognizes he offended people and he’s really sorry.

Well, sometimes a forthright admission, even after a little bit of dancing, can contain the damage. Stay tuned. (Boy, we’re saying that a lot these days….)

In other tabloid-ish news, CNN reports that Rush Limbaugh is supposedly addicted to OxyContin and takes up to a hundred pills a day. Hey, that’s personal responsibility for you! Rush hasn’t exactly denied it, but says he is “unaware” of any investigation and ? natch ? will “cooperate fully” if he ever hears about one.

Just how weird are things these days, anyway?

UPDATE: John Hawkins has more on Rush and OxyContin.

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